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Post-Transaction and Wind Down Services

Companies recently completing a merger or entering into an eminent shut down may utilize the services of CFO Connect to fulfill a timely and efficient transition from an active company to a post transaction environment. At the direction of the Board of Directors, CFO Connect will manage, plan, direct and execute the post transaction or wind down process. CFO Connect will oversee the process of reducing any remaining workforce, terminating vendor services, closing down facilities, selling off assets and managing the day to day issues that arise during this time.

In addition to the Board, CFO Connect works with the creditors, institutional investors the company's legal representation and tax preparers to bring the process to an ultimate conclusion. Let the experts at CFO Connect manage your post transaction and wind down activities in a timely and efficient manner.

Post-Transaction Services

After completing a successful merger, CFO Connect can administer the post transaction process by taking care of any remaining entities or assets that were not included in the merger. Typically, there will be some Intellectual property or viable scientific or technological assets that may require being sold or liquidated. Milestone payments or royalty payments from past licensing agreements may still need to be collected. CFO Connect will manage and direct your entity until all milestone and royalty payments have been satisfied. Our part-time CFO Service is a perfect fit for managing and administering your post transaction process.

Wind Down Services

Some companies may not have been as successful as originally envisioned and are therefore being shuttered for a variety of reasons. Even with successful mergers there remains a winding down of the remaining workforce, closing of facilities and the liquidation of hard assets. Many times, there are uncollected milestone payments, outstanding receivables, legal proceedings, bank or creditor obligations that need to be concluded. CFO Connect has the necessary skills and experience to make your wind down a success. CFO Connect will be your central communications point providing clear progress updates, continued financial reporting and ensuring the company remains in compliance with all federal, state and employment regulations.

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