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CFO Connect® Project-based Financial Consulting delivers immediate, experienced financial management with the long-term goal of guiding existing staff toward improved management systems. Our offerings include the following:


Accounting Operations

  • Cash management

  • Hiring, training, and developing accounting staff

  • Accounting software selection and implementation

  • Financial reporting

  • Corporate governance, internal controls, and procedures

  • Budgeting

  • Forecasting

  • Financial analysis of product/line/business profitability


Risk Management

  • Establishing programs with risk management professionals to establish adequate insurance coverage


Credit & Collections

  • Reviewing and improving credit and collections functions


Audit & Tax Management

  • Leading and managing external audit and tax preparation activities


Capital Formation & Structure

  • Business plan preparation and presentation

  • Managing the procurement of private equity, venture capital, and bank financing

  • Coordinating the management team and external capital providers to establish appropriate valuations, term sheets, and equity structures

  • Road show participation

  • Spearheading the due diligence process

  • Directing external legal and audit activities around private offerings



  • Letters of credit

  • Customs and duties

  • Duty drawback

  • Maquilladora operations

  • International subsidiary formation

  • Business relations in Asia and Europe


Information Technology

  • Supervising the IT function and coordinating with outside providers to ensure adequate IT services

  • Accounting software selection and implementation

Human Resources

  • Overseeing the Human Resources function

  • Compensation and benefits review

  • Company policies and procedures


Investor and Bank Relations

  • Managing all financial matters with banks and investors

  • Domestic and international bank loan facilities



  • Conducting financial due diligence of potential acquisition targets


Board Advisory Services

  • Assisting Board of Directors on financial matters

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