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Early Stage

For start-ups that need to preserve cash and extend their runway, CFO Connect® provides sophisticated financial management through a part-time CFO who will care for and represent the company, as well as provide a financial sounding board for management and CEOs.

  • Developing an achievable business plan defining the company's mission

  • Building a sound, self-sustaining organization

  • Securing a talented and experienced management team

  • Financing growth through a solid investor base

  • Implementing a business infrastructure with clear processes, policies, and procedures

  • Executing key objectives and achieving milestones

Mid Stage

For burgeoning companies with more complex needs and growth expansion plans, CFO Connect® maintains solid financial activities and assures the management team, Board of Directors, and shareholders that operations are being monitored and are under control.

  • Preparing for changes and complexities associated with a maturing operation

  • Considering growth strategies in vertical and horizontal markets

  • Negotiating strategic relationships, especially those promising international expansion

  • Diligently attending to corporate governance, internal controls and organizational structure to assure shareholders, suppliers, and customers of sound business practices

  • Seeking merger and acquisition opportunities to augment distribution, consolidate complementary products

  • Considering viable exit strategies

Our services are focused on venture backed early and mid Stage Companies doing business in the life science and technology industries. This is our area of expertise. Our CFO's have developed core competencies in working with these particular types of companies and are familiar with all that goes into growing and supporting them. CFO Connect® has built a network of relationships with Venture capital firms, hedge funds, Angel investors, law firms, venture banks, accounting firms, insurance firms, and a host of other service groups that all come into play as the business begins to grow. We know what it takes to get a company started, organized and ready for the first stages of early growth.

Here is how CFO Connect® can add value:

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