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Budgeting, Forecasting & Planning Services

Need help with preparing and organizing a budget?  Need an 5-year plan for your investors?  Have it done properly utilizing CFO Connect’s Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning Services.


CFO Connect has mastered the process of building and preparing annualized budgets for your company.  We work with your key employees and management team to develop a comprehensive budget that incorporates realistic goals and objectives for each cost center discipline as well as the company overall.  We incorporate critical events like the timing of revenue, expense and capital expenditures, key milestone achievements and equity infusion requirements.  We employ a zero-based budget process building from the ground up starting with each work center and summarizing into each department.  From there we sum the department expenditures into a P&L format and begin to develop the balance sheet.  From the balance sheet we are able to work out a detailed cash flow providing key data and milestones allowing for proper cash management.  We provide our detailed budgets in presentation format for your board of directors to approve, as well as excel spreadsheets for your future use and or download into your accounting systems.


Because the Budget is a static representation of the plan year, CFO Connect can also provide a forecasting model that starts with budget template and allows for modification of key parameters on a monthly basis to fine tune the company’s financial predictions and cash flow.  This is a great tool to keep up on where the business will be for the next 12 months.

5-Year Plan

Need a 5-year plan for your investors?  Let CFO Connect take you thru the process of developing a comprehensive plan that accounts for the company’s goals and objectives, key milestones and tactical plans and turn them into a common sense financial plan that provides your investors with revenue projections, profit and loss data, cash flow, breakeven and subsequent financing requirements.  We provide our 5-year plans in detail and in presentation format for your board of directors to approve, as well as excel spreadsheets for your future use.

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